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Recommended Usage

| How much protein should I consume in a day?

The recommended amount of protein for each person is different and can be assessed according to their weight and daily activity level.

In general, about 1g of protein is required for every 1 kg of body weight, and it can be adjusted based on daily activity level.

Low activity level : Body weight X 0.8      (sedentary lifestyle)

Moderate activity level : Body weight X 1.6      (daily exercise within one hour, physically demanding work)

High activity level : Body weight X 1.8      (high-intensity physical activity and fitness activities)

For examples : Person A weighs 80kg, he goes to the gym almost every day after work.

                         According to the above classification, he belongs to high activity level.

                         Therefore, his daily protein requirement would be 80kg X 1.8 = 144g (Daily protein intake)

Based on the estimated national dietary intake, most people do not meet the minimum daily protein requirement. People who do not have enough protein are suitable for drinking. 

(※ Children under 13 years old, patients with chronic diseases, diabetes or kidney related diseases are advised to consult a professional doctor before drinking.)

| When is the best time to drink?

If you have exercise habits, consume before exercise 1-2 hours or within 30-60 minutes after exercise.

Drinking before exercise can improve the efficiency of exercise, drinking after exercise can help your muscle to repair.

You can also drink it during the body's repair period at night.

You can also drink it between breakfast and lunch, as it can provide nutrition without affecting the intake of regular meals.

The amount of intake is relatively important than the time of intake, and if the amount of intake can be divided, it is relatively good to absorb.

| Does THE VEGAN cause acne?

Animal concentrated whey protein is easy to cause strong sebum secretion. THE VEGAN plant-based formula is relatively less likely to cause acne.

| As someone with lactose intolerance, how should I select protein products?

Dairy products and animal-based whey protein often contain lactose, which can lead to discomfort and diarrhea for individuals with lactose intolerance.

THE VEGAN is pure plant-based formula and does not contain lactose, so it won't cause lactose intolerance symptoms. Additionally, the isolated soy protein is less likely to cause bloating, gas, or diarrhea, making it a safe choice for supplementation.

| Can children also drink it?

Sure! For children over 13 years old, the recommended intake is 1 scoop (half serving -20 g) per day. However, due to different physical conditions, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor.

| Can kidney disease patients consume high protein?

Due to kidney issues, it is not easy to metabolize protein, so protein intake needs to be lower than ordinary people. 

It is advised to consult with professional doctor.

| Can vegans drink THE VEGAN?

The main ingredient of THE VEGAN plant-based premium protein is soy protein isolate,  and the rest of the ingredients are whole plant formula, which can be consumed by vegans.

| Is suitable for pregnant women to drink protein drinks?

When you're tired of eating meat, high quality protein is another source to help you get enough protein.

For vegan mothers, whey protein is another good source of nutrition, because vegan usually eat less protein than meat-eaters, so it can be supplemented during pregnancy.