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Free delivery over S$90 🚚


Vegetarian Female Weightlifter|@wanda_wanerh

The taste is very natural, and the texture is very smooth.

Plant-based high protein can taste delicious too!


Fitness Coach|@_maviiis

After trying The Vegan, I fell in love instantly!

I've abandoned other brands I used to drink.

The ingredient is soy protein, so it won't cause lactose intolerance, bloating, or acne. It also doesn't have the typical protein's dairy smell and excessive sweetness.


Fitness Coach|@cges4212

The fine texture goes down smoothly, not overly sweet, and it even helped improve the issue of getting acne from consuming other brands animal-based protein.


Fitness Coach|@mime50127

Quick protein supplement, carry-on bag is easy to carry!


Fitness Coach|@t.shine0530

I fell in love with it at first sip. It doesn't have that heavy dairy taste, and it's not overly sweet or cloying.


Fitness Coach|@horse0327

It's even tastier than I expected, and there's no strange aftertaste. The best part is, it doesn't cause stomach discomfort or acne!